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A Tool to manage your Subversion access control file

Extract single lines ready for input to Excel formatted with the user's name, id, and folder access rights from your .ini format Collabnet Subversion access control file.

And while it's doing that have it check the access file from gizzard to zorch for errors...

How to use it ... and download it

Deployment Metrics for Kintana HP PPM Project and Portfolio Management

Do you remember sitting in on the last PPM failure inquest meeting?

The ZDS Deploy Metrics data mining tool provides precise quantitative information on your HP PPM Deployment service levels. It identifies the specific areas that need to be addressed to reach and maintain your service level agreements. Motion chart animations show you what progress you're making on resolving the current top ten problem areas.

Try the tool out on the included sample logs. It will run very happily on your laptop and you can add your own logs.

How to use it ... and download it

Deploy Metrics Overview

Demand Metrics for Kintana HP PPM Project and Portfolio Management

Do you know if your PPM Demand workflows are working effectively?

The ZDS Demand Metrics tool quantifies precisely which of your HP PPM Demand workflow steps are bottlenecks, and which users are holding up decisions for the team.

You can use this information to design out workflow bottlenecks, figure out what users need to be re-trained or relegated, and establish practices for regular monitoring and deletion of aging requests.

Try the tool out on us. We've included sample data and an sql query you can run to plug in your own data.

How to use it ... and download it

Free scripts and tools for HP PPM (Project and Portfolio Management)

script Free Kintana 8.0 Scripts
More Kintana scripts than ever - 75 scripts as of February 11th, 2011. The scripts are packaged as Toad ready sql files. Unzip them and go.
Kintana Tools Free Kintana 6.0 Tools
Tools to enhance your Kintana Administration experience. A toy to get you in the mood.
Plus, no more wondering whether that executable really matches up to the latest database update...

Featured HP PPM (Project and Portfolio Management) articles

ppm_report_to_excel Creating an Excel Spreadsheet from a PPM report
There's no icon to let you export a PPM report to an Excel spreadsheet.. . That functionality is cunningly buried, and of course undocumented in any manual. Here be the easy, simple instructions for siphonong out your data to an Excel spreadsheet.

dashboard_portlet The Kintana - HP PPM Suite
Workflows modelling IT processes feeding into a central database provide the real time information needed by CIO's and business side managers to align IT expenditures with business objectives.

Registering for HP Technical Support
If you're serious about developing for or administering an HP PPM system then you really, really need to get registered.

You get access to a self-help keyword searchable knowledge base and the ability to file cases if you can't figure out the problem. Plus access to over 40 manuals, a disussion forum with other users, downloads, patches and service packs.

How to get registered and what to know about access levels...

Secure your Kintana System
Setting up a robust security access scheme is not as hard as it looks despite the formidable heft of the 140 page Security Model Guide and Reference manual.

The result is easy account administration and a simple to understand access scheme the Help Desk can communicate to the users.

Get yourself security that a SOX auditor would be proud of for Christmas.
PPM Kintana security

HP PPM Suite Standardizing Decision Names
It's important to be consistent when presenting choices to the users. if you've settled on the word 'Decline' for the user to disapprove something, don't muddy the waters by also using alternatives such as 'Disagree' or 'Not Approved' which mean the same thing...

A Kintana Source Change Control Trigger
You can add a schema trigger to track changes to your production image. It provides a very basic form of version control but it does tell you who made changes, when they were made, and saves the old source so you can easily revert to the pre-change code.

Project and Portfolio Management Tools

Portfolio Projects PPM Tools Survey
There's a lot of innovation going on in the PPM tools field and a slew of vendors.

As of September 22, 2009 we've examined 104 PPM packages looking for the best in class. 64 of them made the cut.

Stay tuned for further updates - we have 190 more to look at.

The ZDS Search for SourceSafe®
ZDS Search allows users to locate documents by keyword in multi-megabyte SourceSafe databases in milli-seconds.

It is intended for use on corporate intranets as an industrial strength replacement for the built-in 'Find in Files' function.

Binary files such as Word documents can be searched as well as text files.

right_arrow  Learn more... right_arrow  Latest Release : 1.43


The Free SourceSafe Tools Kit Has Been Upgraded
The latest version of ssxphysical (v2.08 6-21-2005), our most popular tool, now tracks pinned files.
Ssxco has been completely rewritten and extended (v2.08 6-12-2005).
A new 'rnanalog' utility been added (v1.1 12-29-2004)...

Third Party SourceSafe Products, Tools, Utilities, Add-ins ...

Every SourceSafe after-market product on the planet is collected here.

As of January 7, 2008 we're up to 132 products.

Dynamsoft Corporation released SourceAnywhere for VSS 5.2 on September 27, 2007 in two flavors : a remote access version, and a VSS replacement based on MS SQL Server with a GUI very similar to the native VSS interface.

New tools from the international community are VssMon an alert utility by Ivan-Assen Ivanov (Sofia, Bulgaria), SourceSafe2Subversion by Kirit and Tai Saelensminde (FSL Technologies, London, England), and SQL to SourceSafe Scripter by Serkan Subasi (SBS Software , Istanbul, Turkiye).

One tool that intrigues me is VSSThinClientSmart by Gerald Naveen (.Net section item 6).

I can't think of one single reason why i'd want or need to checkin and out to SourceSafe from a Pocket PC but the idea has the fascination of sin!

Branching SourceSafe Projects
Branching files is relatively easy. Branching projects is not.
Dave takes you for a walk through on the dark side......

ClearCase Commands

If you've ever had the feeling that the ClearCase manuals were translated from the original Chinese, then these pages are for you.

Easily the most popular pages on the site, these cookbook recipes taste good and are definitely less filling... You can download them from the download link at the left.

If you're still not full up check out the links on this page!.

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