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ZDS LLC is Dave Goodall's personal service corporation named for the man, his wife Zena, and his paw_bulletSheba.

The site focus is on Hewlett Packard's Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) suite - also known as Kintana or 'Mercury ITG'.

ZDS provide metrics tools to analyse the performance of corporate HP PPM Deployment and Demand implementations and pinpoint the areas that need to be addressed to maintain performance to the desired target service levels.

We also offer articles, scripts, and free tools to complement the HP PPM (Kintana) work flow product.

The site provides information on Rational's ClearCase version control system, and articles, free tools, and a commercial search engine for use with Microsoft's Sourcesafe version control system.

In 2005 the site had 16,504 visitors from 84 countries. More than half of you came from countries outside the United States.

Thank you for coming, and special thanks to the people around the world who sent me emails with suggestions for fixes and improvements, and who beta tested the upgrades.

The content and tools on this site are all written by Dave Goodall, as are the search engine, automated site generation, and content management tools that support it.

I welcome error corrections and comments. In some cases I can provide further detail from research material that did not make it in to an article because of space restrictions.

Dave Goodall

Dave Goodall is a software architect specializing in tools supporting the software development process.

Dave's current focus is on HP PPM Kintana tools and services. In his spare time he works on high performance genome database search algorithms.

Dave's first machine was an English-Electric-Leo-Marconi 701 with 38 bytes of delay line main memory, and punched paper tape and 40 column Powers-Samas card input.

The machines have evolved since then. However Dave still confidently expects, 30 years from now, to be sitting in front of his Intel Quantium muttering 'damm compiler didn't forgive that missing semi-colon!'

Dave can be reached at dave.goodall@ezds.com.

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