ClearCase Commands


ByDave Goodall

IBM Rational ClearCase is a powerful, elegant version control system.

Since it's heritage is Unix, the manual is ... obscure. These battle tested commands should get you up and running...

Before you dive in take note!

*'cl' is the accepted shortform for 'ClearCase' / 'Cleartool' when entering package commands.

*A period in a sample command line is not punctuation, it's meant to be typed!

Bon appetit.
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*01 To Get Help
*02 To enter cleartool.
*03 To exit cleartool.
*04 To navigate inside cleartool.
*05 To enter graphics mode (slow but gorgeous).

File Checkouts and Checkins
*06 To Check out a file.
*07 To cancel a checkout.
*08 To check out a previous version of a file.
*09 To find what you have checked out.
*10 To find out what other files are checked out.
*11 To Check in a file.
*12 To checkin or checkout multiple files.

*13 To list existing labels.
*14 To observe the naming conventions for branches and labels.
*15 To Make a label.
*16 To label a version of a file.
*17 To apply a label to the entire source tree.
*18 To move an existing label down to the latest elements.
*19 To see if a label is on the latest version of a file or on a branch.

File and Version Information
*20 To change the comment for a revision.
*21 To change the content description for a file.
*22 To list the history (versions with comments) of a file.
*23 To find out what files have been worked on since ....
*24 To find out the file_type of a file.
*25 To setup cleartool to send email on a file change.

Directory Operations
*26 To add a new directory to the source tree.
*27 To rename a directory in the /gl/vobs/netman/src tree.
*28 To rename a vob directory or element.

File Operations : Add Move Rename
*29 To Add a new file to an existing directory.
*30 To use symbolic links avoid duplicating an archive file in different directories.
*31 To move an atria file from one directory to another.
*32 To make a view private copy of a file.
*33 To remove 'rm' a Cleartool archive file.
*34 To look at a file that has been Cleartool 'rm'd'.

*35 To List existing branches.
*36 To Make a branch.
*37 To merge a branch back to the mainline.

*38 To build a release.
*39 To obtain a directory listing of the source tree for a release.
*40 To obtain a list of file changes since the last release.

*41 To remove (destroy) the latest version(s) of a file.
*42 To look at your configspec.
*43 To change your configspec.

Not full up yet?

Yet More Command Recipes!
* Yolinx.com : Clearcase Client Commands.
* ClearCase CheatSheet by Tom Milligan IBM.
* Rational® ClearCase® Command Reference Version 2003.06.00 and later

IBM® Rational® ClearCase® are trademarks of IBM Corporation.


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