ByDave Goodall

IBM Rational ClearCase

ClearCase aka ClearTool is a version control tool from Rational.

The most important aspect of ClearCase is it's very elegant 'transparency'

When in ClearCase, versions appear to be just files in a standard directory tree.

There are no ugly special /rcs directories containing archives cluttering up the source tree.

Although the tool is elegant and powerful, the documentation is ... obscure. The manual will tell you all about ClearCase and nothing about how to actually, practically, use it.

ClearCase's only other drawback is that it's a Unix tool, but then nothing's perfect.

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Getting Started

Replace <user_view> with your initials e.g.: <xyz_view>.

Replace <project_name> with the project name e.g.: <N2000>.

blue_bullet Add /usr/atria/bin to path.

blue_bullet Add /usr/atria/doc/man to MANPATH

blue_bullet Create your own working view with the following:
    <on the host containing the vob area (servername)>
    cd /vhe/proj/views
    cleartool mkview -tag <user>_view <user>_view.vws


If your site stores PC generated content in ClearCase then I recommend that you store that source in the native MS-DOS format i.e.: CR/LF terminated lines.

To convert from DOS (CR+LF) line terminated files to Unix (single LF) format and vice versa use flip (on the Unix server), dosify.exe, unixify.exe on the pc.

Observance of this convention will make diffing simpler, and deltas smaller!

* Eric J. Ostrander's ClearCase Errors.
* The official Rational site at IBM Developer Works.
* Clear Guidance Consulting : ClearCase perl scripts and papers by David Boyce.

IBM® Rational® ClearCase® are trademarks of IBM Corporation.


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