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Download File Click here to download Kintana Scripts, Tools, and White Papers.

Download File ClearCase Commands.zip 116 KB Unix ClearCase Commands Cookbook. Bon Appetit.

Download Zip File sstools.zip 439 KB Windows NT/2K/XP The complete SourceSafe tool set.

6/24/2004 ssusage bug fixed.

7/19/2004 ssxphysical (extended ssphysical) utility added.

8/26/2004 genstats.bat and ssrights revised (thanks to Simon Ferguson for his suggestions).

9/10/2004 ssxphysical 2.02 revised for tilde's in Project and files names (thanks to Joerg Seidel).

9/21/2004 ssxphysical 2.03 project and file counter sizes increased.

9/28/2004 ssxphysical 2.04 Now tracks deleted projects and files

9/30/2004 zds_sourcesafe_tools.doc documentation file added

12/6/2004 ssxphysical 2.05 log now reports correct physical names of missing project data and log files

12/29/2004 ssco 1.4 Displays informative text if no checked out files were found.

12/29/2004 rnanalog 1.1 New utility to save 'analyze.log' files in the backup directory.

6/7/2005 ssxphysical 2.07 Revised name handling.

6/7/2005 ssxco 2.07 Re-written. Now directly processes database.

6/12/2005 ssxco 2.08 Handles duplicate file names. Handle percent signs in file names

6/21/2005 ssxphysical 2.08 Added display of pinned file versions.

11/16/2005 ssrights 1.61 Internal array size increased from 10,000 to 150,000.

11/22/2005 ssdir 1.21 Internal array size increased from 10,000 to 120,000.

Tested and certified for SourceSafe V5.0 V6.0..

Download Zip File SubversionTools.zip 32 KB Windows NT/2K/XP Reformat Subversion access control file.

Download File dow.com 8 bytes Windows NT/2K/XP Maybe the smallest assembler program ever.
Download File dowtest.bat 537 bytes Windows NT/2K/XP A DOS batch-command file to test dow.com.
Download Zip File sde.zip 12 KB Windows NT/2K/XP A Self Deleting Executable by Gary Nebbett.

Public Domain Tools
Download File w32rnpng_111.zip 26 KB Windows NT/2K/XP Supplementary tool for use with PngCrush.


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