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The current status of public discussion of Kintana - HP PPM (Project and Portfolio Management) products is that it's basically not there.

White papers from research companies such as Gartner and the META Group are available, but open forums, blogs, and wiki's are pretty thin on the ground.

Information from readers who locate resources is welcome! You can email me at dave.goodall@ezds.com.
dave goodall

Blogs and Wikis

* Christoph Langenbahn posted 4/23/2009 an interesting article comparing CA Clarity PPM and HP PPM here : Project Portfolio Management: CA Clarity PPM or HP PPM?

* Ajit Mishra posted a HP PPM review here : PPM Tool Review: HP PPM (Formerly Mercury ITG)

* Brian Sommer posted 1/25/2009 the results of a discussion he had with Marc Olesen VP SaaS for HP Software and Solutions here : HP's SaaS PPM solution.

* Ranjeet Rain has an ITG Plus: Tips and Tricks blog.


* Cm Crossroads host a PPM Forum.

* Knowledge Management Knowledge Base Ittoolbox host a Kintana Community

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