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ByDave Goodall

If you are a Kintana / Mercury ITG / HP PPM (Project and Portfolio Management) database administrator these SQL and PL/SQL scripts will help you manage the 'Demand' and 'Change Management' | 'Deliver' | 'Deployment' modules.

The scripts are packaged in a zip file as Toad ready .sql files together with this index page.

You can download them from the link at the foot of the page.

Unzip to a convenient directory and go...
dave goodall

Best Practice
Deleted PackagesDeleting packages is very bad practice. How to hunt down the malfeasers.
Notifications to individual users Naming users explicitly on workflow step notification tabs is not good practice.
Explicit eMail Notifications Detects notifications to explicit usernames, userID's or email addresses.
Step Security Tabs with User Names Naming users explicitly on workflow step security tabs is very bad practice!

Deployment Command ScriptsA swiss army knife query to slice and dice your command scripts.
Command Script Diagnostics Fixing run-time errors for new command scripts.
Special CommandsEverything you need to know about your special command code.
Report Command ScriptsList the command code for your Reports.
Request Type Command ScriptsList the command code for your Request Types.

Locate Package Lines for Files, Users, Objects Locate packages and lines used to migrate files, or objects.
Missing App Codes Environments How to find and fix missing application codes that have not been defined in all environments.
Missing App Codes Security Groups How to find and fix missing application codes restricted by security groups.
Package Line Trans History List what you see when highlighting a package line and clicking [View] 'Line Trans History'.
Package Lines with Null App Codes User failure to enter app codes is a popular cause of failed migrations.
Status tab visible workflow steps Whether a user sees a workflow step column on a package-line's status tab depends on several settings.

Open Requests List requests more than a month old that have not been closed or cancelled.
Request Make A Copy Button Which users can or cannot see the 'Make a Copy' button?
Request Field Info Locate request field information where you know the parameter and batch number.
Request Reassignments List requests that must be re-assigned when someone leaves or is transfered.
Request Type Rules List the Rules for a request type - optionally includes the SQL.
Request Type Field Status Dependencies List Field Status Dependencies for a request type - includes the token name.
Request Type Status Dependency Exceptions List field with exceptional status dependencies (Not editable, or with Required, Reconfirm, Clear set.
Specific Field Status Dependencies List Status Dependencies (Editable, Required, Reconfirm, Clear) for a field or fields.
List Request Notes Tbis script will locate that elusive note you remember seeing way back when.
List Demand Execution code Locate Demand Executions using a particular SQL function.

Decisions Required 'All' Steps Review your workflows for potential bottlencks.
Step Source This script pulls together a record of all the code you have used in a workflow.
Standardize Approval Names Using consistent names for decisions can help your users make the right choice.
Standardize Icon Usage Using the same icon to represent the same action is just as important.
Steps With Duplicate Names Ensure that when you re-open to a step, there's just one unique step with that name.
Steps Without Statuses The workflow verify button catches a lot of problems. Missing step status names aren't one of them.
Workflow Step Names And Statuses List status for each step of a workflow.

Locate the step that sent that email notification Find out what step(s) that notification originated from.
User Not Getting Emails? A user complains he isn't getting email notifications? Run this script.
Troubleshooting email Notifications All of a sudden no-one's getting email notifications? Start trouble-shooting here.
Unresolved Recipient Tokens Emails will not be sent if the recipients email address tokens are not resolved properly.
Locate pending emails by DR, Subject,User locate pending emails by request number, subject line, or the user's email address.
List workflow step email notifications Something of a swiss-army knife that can be adapted to your requirements.
List workflow step messages Lists Workflow step messages by subject and name.

Environments Get a hard copy list of the environment table.
Environments In Use List environments (servers) in use by workflows.
Environments Not In Use List environments (servers) NOT in use by workflows.
Environments Update Base Paths Replace Server and Client base paths en-masse for a copied environment.
Environments Unable To Open If the dialog for an environment won't click open it probably contains a corrupt password.

Object Migrator
Grant Create Dblink Rights to User Grant the rights you need to maintain dblinks for Object Migrator.
Object Migrator Version Get currently installed OM and GL Migration version numbers.
Kintana Users with Oracle Apps Usernames Set List Kintana user records with the user's Oracle Applications username set on the 'User Data' tab.

Oracle Applications
Oracle Applications Short Names Sql for a Kintana validation to return a list of short names.
Oracle Applications Concurrent Programs Sql for a Kintana validation to return a list of concurrent programs.
Oracle Applications FND Tables A collection of useful queries against APPLSYS FND_ tables in support of Object Migrator.

Kintana Access Grants Access to Kintana system functionality is controlled by access grants.
Workflows Migrating to Specified Environment Identifies Deliver workflows with steps that migrate into a specified environment.
Security Groups And Users The SOX audit is nigh. Time to do that zero base review of who should be in your security groups
that you've been putting off for ever.
Security Controlling Access to Specified Environments Verify that your security group policy for migrations into destination environments in being followed.
Remove Security Groups from Disabled Users When a user record's end date is set, any security groups should be removed!
Restrict User Access to Request Type If you want to restrict user access to a request type this script can help.

V$ Grants Oracle v$ View grants are essential for close control of the database.
Extensions Installed Find out what extensions you have installed.
Patch level, Deployments, Upgrade Logs Get the current patch level, deployment, and upgrade history.
Extension Information Get extension/accelerator information for environments.
Database Time Check the database time is being synced correctly to your time server.
Kintana Oracle database Version Get the current version of the Kintana Oracle database.
User Database Privileges Review user access grants for security purposes or check the rights you have.
Oracle ORA-02020 error Handle an Oracle ORA-02020 'too many database links in use' error.
Oracle Database Time Zone Version Your Kintana Oracle database should be using latest version 3 (US) time zone files.

Active Users Get hardcopy on who is using your per-seat licenses.
LDAP Authentication Keep the admin accounts on native login when switching over to LDAP authentication.
Sync Contacts and Users Keep (Demand) contact and (SysAdmin) user records in sync.
Unused Underused Licenses Run your system without paying for more licenses than you really need.
List a User's Security Groups A simple script to list a user's security groups.

SQL Source Locate and list source code for SQL based validations.
Validations with Security Group Names Validations with hard coded security group names will fail if the name is changed.

Workflow Step Security Groups Useful to determine whether you are using security groups consistently to control workflow step execution.
Workflow Step Transitions Documents the step to step flow for a specified workflow.
Workflow Steps Calling PL/SQL Functions Find PL/SQL type executions and the steps that use them that must be changed if you change a custom PL/SQL function's parameters or return codes.


KintanaScripts.zip (79 Kb)

Kintana™, 'Mercury IT Governance™', 'HP PPM (Project and Portfolio Management)™
are trademarks of ChainLink, Mercury Interactive Corporation, and Hewlett Packard Corporation respectively.


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