Kintana Techniques

This page covers techniques needed to accomplish specific tasks in Kintana.

* How to Create an Excel spreadsheet from a PPM report.
You've just created a 3000 row PPM user report and to match it up to the HR list of terminated users you need to get it into an Excel spreadsheet. Small problem. The PPM designers seem to have provided an icon to output an Excel spreadsheet listing report titles but there's no icon to let you get an Excel spreadsheet for a report's content.
Well actually they have. But it's cunningly buried, and of course undocumented in any manual. Here be the easy, simple instructions for siphoning out your report to an Excel spreadsheet.

* How to Register for HP PPM Technical Support.
If you're serious about developing for or administering an HP PPM system then you really, really need to get registered. You get access to a self-help keyword searchable knowledge base and the ability to file cases if you can't figure out the problem. Plus access to over 40 manuals, a disussion forum with other users, and downloads, patches and service packs.

How to get registered and what to know about access levels...

* PPM Default Demand Workflow Gotcha.
You're upgrading a demand workflow. The request type now has all those shiny new fields, and the steps you've added to the workflow look all set to do cool things. You've done all the desk checking to make sure everything is good.

Time to push it off the edge and see if it'll fly. You create a new request and submit it. And it fails right out of the gate.

Gotcha! ...

* Managing the Environment Table.
The 'Environment' table is where information on the source and target servers for your migrations is kept. Keeping it aligned with reality is a must...

* How to change command step timeouts.
You may need to increase the timeout value for a command step that takes a long time to execute.
But first you have to find out where the timeout value is defined in the system...
dave goodall
* Triaging Mercury - Kintana Internal Errors.
Those bright red warning screens are sure to get your attention.
But before you enter that Mercury support request first take a quick look ...

* AOL object migration execution Logs 'Could not retrieve logfile or outfile' Messages.
If things are not configured correctly, you will get 'Could not retrieve' messages in the execution log instead of valid links to the out and log files when migrating standard 'AOL:' objects.

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