Free Kintana Tools

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ByDave Goodall

If you are a Kintana / Mercury ITG / HP PPM (Project and Portfolio Management) database administrator these tools will help you manage the 'Demand' and 'Change Management' | 'Deliver' | 'Deployment' modules.

The tools are designed to be run either from command scripts or in a Command window.

You can download them from the link at the foot of the page.

Unzip to a convenient directory and go...
dave goodall

PPM Kintana Workflow Step Sequencing Tool kntawfseq Sequencing your workflow steps matters if you want your users to see request statuses and package steps listed in an order that follows the sequence of events in the workflow.

By default, new steps get added with the next available sequence number, and will list at the end which is probably not what you want.

If you have workflows with several hundred steps, administration gets very difficult if step numbers don't go with the flow.

Command Script Tools
PPM Kintana View Build Info Tool ViewBuildInfo View build information for .exe and. dll files in Windows Explorer with a right click on the file and a click on the 'Version' tab.

You call the tool from one of your command scripts before compiling a Windows executable. It inserts build information into the resource (.rc) file that gets used by the compilation step.

When the compilation is complete the build information will have been bound into the .exe or .dll executable.


KintanaTools.zip (79 Kb)


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