*The Lost World of Debug

Can a eight byte program do anything useful?

After all, your 'Hello World' with the latest Visual whatever weighed in at 60Kb.

Try Dave's low fat code plan and become an assembler guru to boot.

* Self Deleting Executable
A wonderfully elegant demonstration by Gary Nebbett. With enhanced documentation by Dave.

* C# versus C
A zillion classes and namespaces. Canned code for every situation. We'll never have to write original code again. What's the cost of all this wonderfulness?

* C# for C Programmers : The C# Language
C# is a generally well concieved modern OO language. But it is not without it's quirks and rough spots. Dave's tour of the low lights.

* C# Custom Setup
Time to decant your newly minted program onto a client? Visual C# offers a special 'Custom Setup' project type. Is this the way to go?

* Installing a .NET Client Environment
Yearning for one click on 'setup' to install the .NET components on a .NET'less client to make it capable of running applications developed with C#? Think again...

* C# for C Programmers : The Visual C# IDE
The Visual C# integrated development environment has a version 1.0 feel to it. Dave's tour of the low lights.


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