RSS Feeds


To make it easier for users with newsreaders to keep current with updates to the site without having to access the site directly, we offer a choice of RSS feeds.

The feeds are in RSS 2.0 format, which should work with any newsreader

ZDS New Article Feed
rss xml Alerts you to new articles posted on the ZDS home page.

ZDS Kintana - Mercury ITG - HP PPM Feed
rss xml Alerts you to updates and additions to Kintana articles, scripts, and products pages.

ZDS VSTS Tools Feed
rss xml Alerts you to updates to the VSTS Third Party Products and VSTS Information pages.

ZDS SourceSafe Tools Feed
rss xml Alerts you to updates to the SourceSafe Third Party Products and ZDS Free Tools pages.

What is RSS?

RSS is designed to save you time by automatically alerting you when web pages of interest to you are updated.

To use RSS, you give a 'newsreader' specially formatted links, and set the newsreader to poll the web sites at intervals for updates.

Although RSS terminology uses words like 'feed', 'channel' and 'subscribe', RSS enabled web sites do not in fact feed or broadcast content, and you do not need to register with a web site to receive RSS. Web site participation is limited to updating the (xml) formatted links when new content is available, and returning that information when your newsreader requests it.


If you don't already have a newsreader, then we suggest one of the following.
Both are free, simple to set up, and very easy to use.

*FeedReader for Windows. Download and install it to your pc from here.
*BlogLines.com is web based. Just register, and bookmark the site.

Adding a feed

To add a feed to your newsreader you can use one of these two methods:

*Click on the Rss-Xml icon. A new window will open that shows xml code. Copy the URL from the browser search box e.g 'http://www.ezds.com/rss/zds.xml' to the dialog in your newsreader requesting a new URL.

*Right click on the Rss-Xml button, and choose Copy Shortcut or Copy Link Location. In your newsreader use the menu options : File New and either click Ctrl-V or follow the prompts to add the URL link for the feed.

Re-publishing ZDS Feeds

You are welcome to post ZDS feed titles, descriptions, and a reasonable amount of lead-in text on your web site or elsewhere. Please acknowledge the source of the information as ZDS LLC.


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