SourceSafe Information

SourceSafe 2005
* Visual SourceSafe 2005
Really 7.0. What to know about it and where to get it.

The Future of SourceSafe
* Microsoft Visual SourceSafe Roadmap.
Is SourceSafe on Microsoft's retirement rachet or have rumours of it's death been greatly exaggerated?

* The New Future Of Visual SourceSafe By KorbyParnell

* Hatteras.
Hatteras is Microsoft's new heavy duty SQL server based version control system. What will it offer?

* Die VSS Die!
Jonathan Goodyear's take on VSS and Team Foundation Server.

Migrating from SourceSafe to Team Foundation
* Walkthroughs for VSS Converter.
Akash Maheshwari' weblog links to a walkthrough for VSS Converter...

* Migrating from VSS To Hatteras.
Blogs from Chris Rathjen and Buck Hodges of Microsoft discuss what's involved...

SourceSafe For Administrators
* Branching Projects.
Branching files is relatively easy. Branching projects is not. Dave takes you for a walk through on the dark side...

* Tools and Utilities.
SourceSafe was not designed with ease of administration in mind. A toolset to monitor the health of your database will let you sleep easier at night...Toys for when you're awake also included.

* Practicing SafeSource.
So the setup worked! Sourcesafe installed and now you're a brand new SourceSafe administrator. What to do next? Dave's guide to best practices...

* Breaking file locks.
When a user needs access to a file checked out to an absent team member the Sourcesafe administrator must uncheckout the file. This is not as straighforward as it could be...

* Painless VSS File Paths.
A neat three finger trick get the full path to a file in VSS...

SourceSafe for Users
* How to Get and Checkout by Label.
SourceSafe documentation is silent on how to get or checkout by label.
What you need to know...

Independent Sites with a SourceSafe Focus

There are'nt many of us! Here are three other sites. I'd appreciate hearing from readers who come across others...

* Kevin Gao
Kevin's site focuses on SourceSafe tutorials. A useful resource whether you are new to Sourcesafe and looking to get a handle on the basics, or just looking for help with a specific problem.

* Chuck Kollars
An invaluable resource... Chuck on how to do maintenance with analyze, setup for maximum performance, maintain multiple databases, backup VSS, automate builds, etc. Plus the one-liners about VSS : "great for developers, not so great for administrators". "a piece of 80/20 software, it works for 80% of the customers with only 20% of the features"...

* Visual SourceSafe FAQ
This is another independent SourceSafe specific site by Michaelis. Has some useful tips...

Forums and News Groups

There's nothing like asking another sufferer. Someone, somewhere probably knows the answer...

* CM CrossRoads
CM CrossRoads offer a small but useful Visual SourceSafe forum, many other forums, and a wealth of Configuration Management material.

* Tek-Tips Microsoft Visual SourceSafe Forum
A well informed group with over 2000 members.

SourceOffSite moderate this e-mail list. Since all SourceOffSite users are also Sourcesafe users joining this is a great way to get information from the pool of experienced Sourcesafe users on workarounds for SourceSafe problems...

* CodeGuru
CodeGuru SourceSafe articles tend towards programmatic issues. There is no SourceSafe forum as such but the search spans all forums.

* Google Groups for SourceSafe
This link will take you to Gooogle's open SourceSafe Group.

The page also has links to the Usenet groups:
microsoft.public.visual sourcesafe,
microsoft.public.cn.sourcesafe (china).

All these groups are searchable.

* Microsoft vsnet.sourcesafe newsgroup
SourceSafe and .Net...

Visual InterDev
* Install and Integrate Microsoft Visual SourceSafe with Microsoft Visual Interdev.
Persis Daver has written a step-by-step introduction to installing and setting up Visual SourceSafe along with integration to Visual Interdev. Also included : the problems he and his team faced during the integration...

* Visual Sourcesafe Help is Here.
Neil C. Obremski has written an extremely useful guide for users struggling to make InterDev and SourceSafe play nice together...
(There's also a section on InterDev in the book 'Essential SourceSafe' by Ted Roche and Frank Whipple).

* Sourcesafe Content Links.
If you can't find a real live person, these links may get you to the information you need...


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