Third Party SourceSafe Products

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I have tried to collect here a complete list of every third party SourceSafe product, tool, utility, add-in and resource on the planet.

New tools from the international community are VssMon an alert utility by Ivan-Assen Ivanov (Sofia, Bulgaria), SourceSafe2Subversion by Kirit and Tai Saelensminde (FSL Technologies, London, England), and SQL to SourceSafe Scripter by Serkan Subasi (SBS Software , Istanbul Turkiye).

If you want to suggest a product that i've missed then please email me. I am particularly interested in products from publishers outside the US, in languages other than English.

'US$ GBP Euros' indicate a commercial license. Don't let this annotation put you off. Almost every product offers a free trial, and some offer free one user licenses.
'Free' - may imply GNU or other licence restrictions.
'S-W' - indicates ShareWare.
'MLS' - indicates multiple language support.
'SAR' - some assembly required.

If you found this page useful you might want to check out the companion page listing every third party Visual Studio Team System and Team Foundation System product, tool, utility, add-in and resource on the planet.

1. JDev VSS Extension
Publisher: SourceForge   Category: Addins .Net   Pricing: Free   

2. VssWebHandler
Publisher: Omid Bayani   Category: .Net   Pricing: Free   

3. VssRssSvc
Publisher: Greg Reinacker   Category: .Net RSS   Pricing: Free   

4. SyncVss
Publisher: Creekside Technology Group   Category: .Net   Pricing: US$

5. Daily Label
Publisher: Novick Software   Category: .Net   Pricing: Free   

6. Thin Client Smart
Publisher: Gerald Naveen   Category: .Net   Pricing: Free   

7. DDL Archive Utility
Publisher: Bill Wunder   Category: .Net   Pricing: One full license free   

8. SourceSafe Binding Remover
Publisher: Darrell Norton   Category: .Net   Pricing: Free   

9. Cleanup for VS 2003 Solutions
Publisher: Roy Dictus   Category: .Net   Pricing: Free

10. Remove Source Control Info
Publisher: Michael Carbenayx   Category: .Net   Pricing: Free   Reviews:

11. Source Control Provider Selector
Publisher: Cedar Kilic   Category: .Net   Pricing: Free   Reviews: Alin Constantin

12. SccSwitcher
Publisher: Soenke Schau   Category: .Net   Pricing: Free   Reviews: Alin Constantin

13. SourceSelector
Publisher: Tor Hovland   Category: .Net   Pricing: Free   Reviews: Alin Constantin

14. SccSwitch
Publisher: DevHawk   Category: .Net   Pricing: Free   

15. BuildIt.NET
Publisher: Sapient Corporation   Category: .Net Builds   Pricing: Free     Code: SAR

16. SourceSafe Power Toy : User Manager
Publisher: Microsoft Power Toys   Category: .Net Administration   Pricing: Free     Code: SAR

17. BusyBeeBuilder
Publisher: GotDotNet Workspace   Category: .Net Builds   Pricing: Free     Code: SAR

18. VSS .net
Publisher: DMB Consulting LLC   Category: Remote Access .Net   Pricing: US$

19. Hippo.NET
Publisher: x   Category: Builds .Net   Pricing: Free

1. Sourcesafe Plug-Ins for Visual Studio
Publisher: Microsofte   Category: Addins   Pricing: Free   

Publisher: Ten and Six Software   Category: Addins   Pricing: Free   

3. VSSDocuments
Publisher: Nick Bitounis   Category: Addins   Pricing: US$   

4. JDev VSS Extension
Publisher: SourceForge   Category: Addins .Net   Pricing: Free   

5. SourceXplore
Publisher: EPocalipse Software   Category: Addins   Pricing: Free   

6. Vim SourceSafe Integration
Publisher: Michael Geddes   Category: Addins   Pricing: Free   

7. Versioning Controlled Build
Publisher: Julijan Sribar   Category: Addins Builds   Pricing: Free     Codes: SAR

8. Effective SourceSafe
Publisher: David Y. Zhao   Category: Addins   Pricing: Free   

9. VSS Plugin For Eclipse IDE
Publisher: Marcus Nylander   Category: Addins   Pricing: Donation   

10. SourceSafe Addin For JBuilder
Publisher: David White   Category: Addins   Pricing: Free     Codes: MLS

1. ZDS Tools
Publisher: ZDS LLC   Category: Administration   Pricing: Free   

2. SSService Test
Publisher: Alin Constantin   Category: Administration   Pricing: Free   Reviews:
3. User Manager
Publisher: Microsoft Power Toys   Category: .Net Administration   Pricing: Free     Code: SAR

Publisher: Microsoft   Category: Administration   Pricing: Free   

5. SourceSafe Addin
Publisher: Twaddle Software   Category: Administration   Pricing: Free   

6. WorkingFolders
Publisher: Interface Technologies Inc   Category: Administration   Pricing: US$

7. SourceSafe Power Toy : User Manager
Publisher: Microsoft Power Toys   Category: .Net Administration   Pricing: Free     Code: SAR

1. SQL to Sourcesafe Scripter v2.0
Publisher: Serkan Subasi (SBS Software, Istanbul, Turkiye)   Category: Alerts Database Reports   Pricing: Free   

2. VssMon
Publisher: Ivan-Assen Ivanov   Category: Alerts   Pricing: Free   

3. Sourcesafe Spy
Publisher: Ramon Smits   Category: Alerts   Pricing: Free   

4. VssAction
Publisher: Acorden Software   Category: Alerts   Pricing: Euros   

5. VssRssSvc
Publisher: Greg Reinacker   Category: Alerts RSS   Pricing: Free   

6. VMS
Publisher: Lewis Moten   Category: Alerts   Pricing: Free   

7. FileWatch
Publisher: Interface Technologies Inc   Category: Alerts   Pricing: US$

8. Code Co-op
Publisher: Reliable Software   Category: Alerts   Pricing: S/W

9. CheXpy
Publisher: TripleTee.com   Category: Alerts   Pricing: US$

10. SourceCompanion
Publisher: ISOVAR System Co   Category: Alerts   Pricing: US$

11. SSMonitor
Publisher: Doug Schmidt   Category: Alerts   Pricing: Free

1. Datawiz
Publisher: Microsoft   Category: Analyze   Pricing: Free   Reviews: Korby Parnell

2. fixref
Publisher: Microsoft   Category: Analyze   Pricing: Free   Reviews: Korby Parnell

3. SSAnalyzer
Publisher: TSA Software Group;  Category: Analyze   Pricing: US$

4. ClientShutdown
Publisher: Interface Technologies Inc   Category: Analyze   Pricing: US$

5. VSS Repairer
Publisher: Configuration Management Services   Category: Analyze   Pricing: US$

6. VssRecursivePurge
Publisher: Ax Tools   Category: Analyze   Pricing: Free

7. Perl End-to-End Analyze Script
Publisher: Korby Parnell   Category: Analyze   Pricing: Free

8. Visual Source Safe (VSS) Perl Scripts
Publisher: Robert Cowham   Category: Analyze;  Pricing: Free

1. Source Replicator
Publisher: Sourceware   Category: Report   Pricing: US$

2. Backup Script for Visual SourceSafe
Publisher: Neokobe.nl   Category: Backup   Pricing: Free   

3. Automated Source Safe Backups
Publisher: Conor Hunt   Category: Backup   Pricing: Free   

1. Essential SourceSafe
Author: Ted Roche Larry Whipple   Category: Books   Pricing: US$

2. Real World Software Configuration Management
Author: Sean Kenefick   Category: Books   Pricing: US$

3. Teach Yourself Visual Sourcesafe in 21 Days
Author: Michael Amundsen   Category: Books   Pricing: US$

1. ParaBuild
Publisher: ViewTier Systems   Category: Builds   Pricing: US$

2. FinalBuilder
Publisher: ATOZED software   Category: Builds   Pricing: US$   Reviews: Here

3. BuildForge
Publisher: BuildForge   Category: Builds   Pricing: US$

4. LuntBuild
Publisher: Alvin Shen   Category: Builds   Pricing: Free   

5. VssReporter
Publisher: AbstractSpoon Software   Category: Builds   Pricing: Free   

6. Change and Build Tracer
Publisher: Bob Mahon   Category: Builds   Pricing: Free     Codes: SAR

7. VB-Build
Publisher: vb-build.com   Category: Builds   Pricing: US$

8. NAnt
Publisher: Nant SourceForge   Category: Builds   Pricing: US$

9. Apache Ant Vss Package
Publisher: apache.org   Category: Builds   Pricing: S-W   

10. BuildIt.NET
Publisher: Sapient Corporation   Category: .Net Builds   Pricing: Free     Code: SAR

11. BusyBeeBuilder
Publisher: GotDotNet Workspace   Category: .Net Builds   Pricing: Free     Code: SAR

12. Visual Build Pro
Publisher: Kinook Software   Category: Builds   Pricing: US$

13. Virtual Source Code Control System
Publisher: Ken Ramirez   Category: User   Pricing: Free     Code: SAR

14. Versioning Controlled Build
Publisher: Julijan Sribar   Category: Addins Builds   Pricing: Free     Codes: SAR

15. Hippo.NET
Publisher: x   Category: Builds .Net   Pricing: Free/td>

1. sourcesafe2subversion
Publisher: Kirit & Tai Saelensminde   Category: Conversion   Pricing: Free

2. VSSConverter GUI
Publisher: Eyal   Category: Conversion   Pricing: Free

3. Visual SourceSafe to Subversion Perl Migration Script
Publisher: brett@riseup.com">Brett Wooldridge   Category: Conversion   Pricing: Free

4. vss2svn
Publisher: Tigris   Category: Conversion   Pricing: Free

1. CVS SCC Proxy
Publisher: PushOk   Category: CVS   Pricing: US$

1. SQL to Sourcesafe Scripter v2.0
Publisher: Serkan Subasi (SBS Software, Istanbul, Turkiye)   Category: Alerts Database Reports   Pricing: Free   

2. SQL ScriptSafe
Publisher: SQL ScriptSafe   Category: Database   Pricing: US$

3. Speed SQL IDE
Publisher: Imceda Software   Category: Database   Pricing: US$

4. DB Script Safe for SQL Server
Publisher: Sriram Chitturi   Category: Database   Pricing: Free     Codes: SAR

5. SQL Source Control 2003
Publisher: Skilled Software   Category: Database   Pricing: US$   Reviews: Hurcane

6. SQL SourceSafe
Publisher: Best SoftTool   Category: Database   Pricing: US$

7. Source Guard
Publisher: Teratrax   Category: Database   Pricing: US$

8. Stored Procedure Versioning
Publisher: Fabrice's Weblog   Category: Database   Pricing: Free     Codes: SAR

9. ScriptRunner 1.1.1382
Publisher: L&C Enterprises   Category: Database   Pricing: US$

1. VssConneXion
Publisher: EPocalipse Software   Category: Delphi   Pricing: US$   Reviews: Andrew Ghinaudo

1. ZylVSS
Publisher: XylSoft   Category: Delphi   Pricing: S-W   

1. VssSync
Publisher: Christian Ernst Rysgaard   Category: Development   Pricing: Free     Codes: SAR

2. SSBrowser
Publisher: Ferdie   Category: Development   Pricing: Free     Codes: SAR

3. VSS Protocol Handler
Publisher: Victor VogelPoel   Category: Development   Pricing: Free     Codes: SAR

Publisher: Ted Roche   Category: FoxPro   Pricing: Free   

2. VSS Boost
Publisher: Markus Egger   Category: FoxPro   Pricing: Free   

1. Winmerge 2.0.2
Publisher: SourceForge Winmerge   Category: Merge   Pricing: Free   

2. Diff Analyzer
Publisher: Sytel   Category: Merge   Pricing: Free   

3. Merge For Windows
Publisher: Araxis   Category: Merge   Pricing: US$     Codes: MLS

Remote Access   
1. Sourcesafe Internet Plug-In for Visual Studio
Publisher: Microsofte   Category: Addins   Pricing: Free   

2. Source AnyWhere for VSS ( v5.2 Sep 27, 2007 )
Publisher: Dynamsoft   Category: Remote Access   Pricing: US$

3. Census
Publisher: MetaQuest Software Inc   Category: Remote Access   Pricing: US$

4. SCCBridge
Publisher: Arthur Nesterovsky   Category: Remote Access   Pricing: Free   

5. SourceXT
Publisher: Acorden Software   Category: Remote Access   Pricing: US$

6. SourceOffSite
Publisher: SourceGear   Category: Remote Access   Pricing: US$

7. Help
Publisher: Neil C. Obremski   Category: Remote Access   Pricing: Free   

8. Vss Remoting
Publisher: Source Remoting   Category: Remote Access   Pricing: US$ (Free for one user)

9. VssConnect
Publisher: VoxCode Software   Category: Remote Access   Pricing: US$   Reviews: Review by Aaron Junod

10. VSS .net
Publisher: DMB Consulting LLC   Category: Remote Access .NET   Pricing: US$

1. SourceSafe Reporter
Publisher: Inspire Holdings   Category: Report   Pricing: Euros   

2. VSS Manager
Publisher: CodeMiner   Category: Report   Pricing: Euros   

3. VSS Data Export
Publisher: Alexander Zammit   Category: Report   Pricing: Free   

4. SourceReports
Publisher: Interface Technologies Inc   Category: Report   Pricing: US$

5. CodeReports
Publisher: SmartBear Software   Category: Report   Pricing: US$

6. Source Reporter
Publisher: Sourceware   Category: Report   Pricing: US$

7. Schiott_SourceReport
Publisher: The Code Project   Category: Report   Pricing: Free   

8. VSS Loader
Publisher: XKEE.com   Category: Report   Pricing: US$

1. CodeReviewer
Publisher: SmartBear Software   Category: Review   Pricing: US$

2. CodeHistorian
Publisher: SmartBear Software   Category: Review   Pricing: US$

1. Watching changes via RSS feeds from VSS or VSTS
Publisher: Jonathan Hodgson   Category: RSS   Pricing: Free

2. VssRssSvc
Publisher: Greg Reinacker   Category: .NET RSS Alerts   Pricing: Free   

3. Greg Reinacker's weblog
Publisher: Greg Reinacker   Category: Alerts RSS   Pricing: Free   

1. ZDS Search
Publisher: ZDS LLC   Category: Search   Pricing: US$

2. vssFind
Publisher: Urban Research   Category: Search   Pricing: Free   

Publisher: AbaPerls   Category: Search   Pricing: Free   

Publisher: AbaPerls   Category: Search   Pricing: Free   

5. Library Index
Publisher: Configuration Management Services   Category: Search   Pricing: US$

6. ABCFind
Publisher: Atlantic Blue Software   Category: Search   Pricing: US$

SourceSafe Replacements   
1. Vault
Publisher: SourceGear   Category: SourceSafe Replacements   Pricing: US$

2. NGSource
Publisher: NGSource   Category: SourceSafe Replacements   Pricing: US$

3. SourceAnywhere Standalone
Publisher: Dynamsoft   Category: SourceSafe Replacements   Pricing: US$   

4. CodeMatrix
Publisher: CodeMatrix   Category: SourceSafe Replacements   Pricing: US$

1. Visual SourceSafe 6 Training Videos
Publisher: Larry C. Whipple   Category: Training   Pricing: US$   Reviews:

2. Using Visual Sourcesafe 6.0
Publisher: Paedent Informatics Ltd   Category: Training   Pricing: US$

3. Visual Sourcesafe Training - Administering - Using
Publisher: Dunstan Thomas   Category: Training   Pricing: GBP   

4. Visual Sourcesafe Training
Publisher: General Physics   Category: Training   Pricing: GBP   

5. Visual Sourcesafe 6 courses
Publisher: KeyNet   Category: Training   Pricing: GBP   

1. SourceSafe Tutorials
Publisher: Kevin Gao   Category: Tutorials   Pricing: Free   

1. VSS Bridge
Publisher: Yuri Mironoff   Category: Unix   Pricing: OS   

1. SourceSafe Plug-In
Publisher: CM Services Limited   Category: Workflow   Pricing: US$

2. Visual Intercept
Publisher: Elsinore Technologies Inc   Category: Workflow   Pricing: US$

Publisher: Steve Appling   Category: XML   Pricing: Free   

Publisher: Ning Cao   Category: XML   Pricing: Free   

3. SiberSafe
Publisher: Siber Logic   Category: XML   Pricing: US$

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