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ZDS LLC Free SourceSafe Tools

These are all NT/2K/XP command line utilities unless noted otherwise...

Updates to the tool set are listed on the download page.

Database Audit and Repair Tools
rnanalog NEW! Preserves 'analyze.log' files by renaming them to 'analyze_date.log'.
ssaudit.bat Use this overnight to get an e-mail in your inbox every morning on the state of the union.
ssphysical Transforms the 'ss physical' command's output to a very readable list of active files and projects, one per line, with totals.
ssxphysicalNEW! ssphysical replacement : extended with byte counts, shared, and pinned file identification.
sssecurity Command line equivalent to using the SourceSafe ssadmin Tools | Options | Security Tab to set the [x] Enable Security checkbox.
freedrive A very simple utility to determine the free disc space on the Sourcesafe Server. Used in audit.bat to report low disk space.
ssrepair A repair can only be run with all users off the system. This batch file manages the process safely.

Database Maintenance Tools
sscheck There shouldn't be any differences between the 'ssdir' and 'ssphysical' views of the database. Should there?
ssgendel Generate a batch file to delete a list of Sourcesafe projects.
ssdelist List files in the SourceSafe database that have been deleted but not yet purged that are taking up space in the database.
sspurge Create a batch file to purge from the SourceSafe database files that have been deleted but are taking up space in the database.

Information Tools
ssnpl Every SourceSafe file has a number, a physical file name, and a logical file name. ssnpl converts from one to the other.
ssxco NEW! ssco replacement : Find out what files are checked out to users who have left, and which anti-social users have had files checked out for ever!
sstemp Find out who created the files in the SourceSafe server's \temp directory so that they can be hunted down and made to set their client's to use local and not server temporary space.
ssusage Find out if you are paying named user licence fees for users who never use the system.
ssdir Is that Project obsolete? Produce a properly indented directory listing starting at a specified project showing which files have been accessed in the last twelve months.
ssusers List the rights assigned to all your current users highlighting invalid rights assignments to projects that have been removed!
ssrights Find out what projects are accessible (or not) to a specific SourceSafe user.


sstools.zip (436 KB)

Microsoft Free SourceSafeTools

Unsupported Tools
VSSEMS VSSEMS is an unsupported utility for SourceSafe database administrators that can migrate or copy a list of users and their rights assignments from an existing VSS database to another one, using either shipped VSS features or programmatically using IVSS.

The tool download link is available at Korby Parnell's Weblog. For any questions related to this utility you can contact the VSS team bloggers.

Supported Tools
VSS Utilities Several utility programs are included with VSS.
SourceSafe™ is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation.


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