Free Subversion Tools

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ByDave Goodall

If you are a Subversion administrator these tools will help you manage your repository.

The tools are designed to be run either from command scripts or in a Command window.

You can download them from the link at the foot of the page.

Unzip to a convenient directory and go...
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Access Control File Reporting
Subversion Access Control File Reporting

Adding and deleting users authorised to use Subversion is a constant chore. The list needs to be kept aligned with the application system it front-ends. And the auditors will be after you for lists to match up to the HR and LDAP systems.

The ini file format of the Subversion access control file is not well adapted for this purpose.

With this small but useful tool you can extract information for all or selected users, formattted with the user's name, id, and folder access rights on single lines. That can be used directly or imported to Excel.


SubversionTools.zip (32 Kb)


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