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SourceSafe's 'Find in Files' search.
blue_bullet  This opens and scans every file in the project tree you have indicated. For large SourceSafe databases which can easily contain 100,000 + documents totalling 20 + GB a full database search is just too slow.
You can cut response time by limiting the search to a part of the project tree, but you may then miss documents in other parts of the tree.

blue_bullet  Find in files only checks text files, not binary file types like Word files.

blue_bullet  Find In Files searches by string. It will find files containing the string 'copyright license' but not files containing 'copyright' and 'license' where these words are separated.

blue_bullet  The results are displayed in a small dialog window. Reviewing more than a few files is difficult.

blue_bullet  Searching the entire $/ project tree on a large database loads the Sourcesafe server and can impact response time to other users.

What ZDS Search offers.
blue_bullet  ZDS search searches ALL the content in a SourceSafe database.

blue_bullet  Response time even on large databases is in milliseconds.

blue_bullet  ZDS Search indexes binary files, such as Word documents.

blue_bullet  You can find documents containing any combination of keyword(s).

blue_bullet  Results are presented as a list of links, all of which can be viewed.

blue_bullet  You can click on any file link to open the Visual SourceSafe Client project and view the file.

blue_bullet  The index is generated at night when users are not using the system.

An actual example of using ZDS Search
One of our clients has a SourceSafe database containing sql scripts and the source code for C++ programs that process the databases generated from the scripts.

Before releasing script changes to QA they use search to get a list of table and field names that have been changed.

They then click on the links to pull up the files from SourceSafe and check that every C++ program that uses the changed tables and fields has been fixed to handle the changes.

By getting this right BEFORE the release gets to QA, they save a lot of QA time finding out the hard way that the SQL databases and the C++ programs accessing them are not singing off the same song sheet.

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