ZDS Search Specification
ZDS Search 1.43 Corporate Edition English 32-Bit version.
SourceSafe® : 5.0 and 6.0
Platforms : Windows NT/2K/XP

How ZDS Search Works
ZDS Search is browser based. The index is available to anyone on your Intranet.

It is normally installed as shown in the diagram below, where the grey boxes indicate the three ZDS Index components.

A single server can be used if desired, but it is more usual to assign Web server, index generation, and SourceSafe® database support to different networked servers.

blue_bullet Index generation is done by ssxgen which is run nightly by a scheduler.

blue_bullet The index file generated is copied to a web server.

blue_bullet The user accesses the index using any browser. The web server runs cgi-bin executable ssxsrv to search the generated index.

blue_bullet When the user clicks on a file citation, sstp handler installed on the client launches Microsoft's Visual SourceSafe Explorer®, open at the project containing the file.

Frequent upgrades and re-configuration of server hardware and operating systems are a fact of life.

Recognizing this, the product is not tied to your hardware in any way.

You may move the application between servers in your organization without restriction. Upgrading the hardware on which you you have installed the application will not affect it in any way.

Index Size and Generation Time
Index size and generation times cannot be directly predicted but depend on:

blue_bullet The total size, type, and content of the 'active' files indexed.

blue_bullet The configuration options chosen to exclude files from the index.

ZDS Index is configurable to minimize index generation time and index size.

The total size of your SourceSafe® database is easily determined. Most databases contain a high percentage of files which have been deleted but not purged and which will not be indexed. Using the total size to be conservative we suggest:

blue_bullet On the generation server reserving 100% of the space being used for the SourceSafe® database being indexed.

blue_bullet On the generation server setting up the scheduler assuming a generation run time of 1Mb/Second (based on using a Pentium II.)

blue_bullet On the web server reserving 20% of the total size of the space used by the SourceSafe® database being indexed.

ZDS Search is designed to handle up to 500,000 files with essentially flat response time.

Index size decreases as a percentage of the indexed database as the database gets larger.

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