Visual Studio Team System


Visual Studio 2005 Team System (VSTS) is important new technology from Microsoft. What does it mean to you?

Visual Studio 2005 Team System

Microsoft's upcoming VSTS product represents an effort to move up the food chain from selling loosely coupled tools to a process oriented environment with more tightly integrated tools.

The base layer of VSTS is a set of SQL Server based tools collectively known as 'Team Foundation'.

A fundamental building block is a new, robust, version control system.

The shiniest new tool is work item tracking which manages the transit of software through the development process. This supplies polices to ensure that required parts of the process don't get overlooked, and co-ordination emails to other people engaged in the process.

In short a work flow based approach.

Team Foundation Code Names

*Hatteras - Source Code Control Services
*Currituck - Work Item Management

Team Foundation Server

* Team Foundation Server Roadmap
New server based tools include a new heavy duty version control system, and work item tracking. What to expect...

* Team Foundation Pricing
Always a popular question. Answered by Buck Hodges...

* Source Code Control Services (Hatteras)
New server based tools include a new heavy duty version control system ...

* Work Item Tracking (Currituck)
Another SQL Server based tool provides, yes, bug tracking, but it's also extensible ...

* Source Code Control and Item Tracking Demo
Demo of the source code control and item tracking features in Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation...


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