VSTS Source Code Control Services (Hatteras)


Hatteras is the source code control services component of Team Foundation.

These blogs discuss features of the new product

Branching and Merging

Merging covers both consolidating single files and propagating changes between branches. Because Hatteras uses non-locking concurrent checkout by default, the quality of the merge experience becomes very important.

*A Simple Example Using Branch And Merge By Buck Hodges
*More On Branching And Merging Vs Sharing And Pinning By Buck Hodges
*Doug on ChangeSets, Cherry Pick Merges, and Merge Candidate and History Queries.


A changeset is a snapshot of the database at a point in time, that allows you to restore exactly the workspace state you had last wednesday after you checked in what you thought was the final final fix of that bug...

*What Is A Changeset By Korby Parnell

Checkin and Checkout

Checkout has become 'Edit' which lines up with Visual Studio doing automatic checkouts when you click on a file to edit it.

Adding a file if a project folder doesn't exist causes the folder to be automatically added which is an improvement over SourceSafe which required a lot of hand labor to keep the folder structure aligned with your workspace.

SourceSafe employs the Exclusive checkout model which leads to predictable problems with breaking locks. Hatteras defaults to the non-locking Concurrent checkout model. The tradeoff for this is that merging must be done later.

*Checkout Models
*The Checkout Checkin Model Is Antiquated With A Capital A By Brian White.
*Team Foundation Vs SourceSafe Checking Out By Korby Parnell.
*Worth Repeating By Chris Rathjen.

Command Line
*Basic Operations In The Hatteras Cmd Line Environment By Jason Barile
get (syncing), add, edit (alias checkout), checkin.
*Basic Operations In The Hatteras Cmd Line Environment Part2 By Jason Barile
rename, delete, undelete, undo.
*Whats In A Name By Jason Barile


The new source control system will have several client interfaces : A command line interface; integration with Visual Studio; and an API, written in .NET, for writing applications to perform source control operations.

*Interfaces For The TFS Source Control Client By Buck Hodges.


Shelving allows you to park your work-in-progress on the server, safe from accidental deletion or a crash of your hard disc.

*Shelve And Shelveset What Do You Think By Korby Parnell.
*Shelve Command
*Shelve Set

Working Folder Mapping and Cloaking

Working folders, more or less...

*A Brief Introduction to Maps And Cloaks By Jason Barile.


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