VSTS Work Item Tracking (Currituck)


Work items are units of work assigned to members of your product team. They are one of four types of artifact.

*Work Items

Work Item Tracking

What's in a name?

*Why Work Item Tracking By Kevin Kelly

What territory does work item tracking take in?

*Work Item Tracking - It's Not Just All About Bugs By Brian White

Is work item tracking full blown work flow? Not really, but it's a start ...

*Workflow and Visual Studio Team Foundation By Brian White

If everything's a 'bug' then the 'bug' base soon collects a lot of ... undifferentiated ... stuff. The reasons for defining data types

*Not All Work Items Are Created Equally By Kevin Kelly

One man's bug is anothers man's defect. Defining your own work item types is essential. A quick introduction to the XML Work Item Type Definition Language (WITD).

*The Makings Of Visual Studio Team System Work Item Types By BrianWhite

There are four types of artifacts in Visual Studio Team Foundation: work items, source files, changesets, and builds. How to link work items to the other three artifact types.

*Enterprise Class Source Control and Work Item Tracking by Barbara Denz and Korby Parnell

Work Item Team
*Brian White is a Program Manager for Work Item Management and he has a VSTS Blog
*John Lawrence is a Development Manager in the VSTS group and he has a Blog
*KevinKelly is a Program Manager on Work Item Tracking and he has a VSTS blog


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